Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It was apartheid, the force
that imposed the lighter skin
on top of the darker skin.
The beast that used to divide
and rule by furtive hairy hand.
Furtive hairy hand was busted
when an African brother was
coronated to be the chief of
staff. In his marriage with
the voters an African brother
made a pledge that he was gonna
deliver the masses from the hole
of poverty to golden chairs
around the throne of the kingdom.

16 years later I witness slavery
chairs around the palace of gravy
train. Then xenophobia sprout in
the land of promise. The rumour
says that the first line-up of
African brothers in gravy train
is the cause as they lost the game.
Another rumour says that the hairy
hand is back in motion. As it
becomes a mystery, why don't we
skin the hairy hand to reveal the
colour beneath the hair? Then the
mystery will be solved once and for

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