Monday, July 26, 2010


Xenophobia! Xenophobia!
My heart sinks deep when I hear the word Xenophobia.
My heart sinks deep when I remember the Xenophobic attacks.
My mind is filled with fear ! fear! fear!!
All the violent images come to my mind, it seems like yesterday.
Xenophobia is still a fresh wound in my mind.

Xenophobia! Xenophobia!
My heart skips and sinks when I hear about the cursed Xenophobia.
I become helpless. I know that I am not safe anywhere in this world.
I ran away from oppression and persecution.
I ran away from stupidity and greediness.

Xenophobia! Xenophobia!
I feel dizzy, when I remember foreigners’ shacks being burnt down by madmen. I remember seeing the walking devils doing what they like most: destroying people's lives. Looting poor people's goods.

I had never imagined that men born by a woman could be so cruel to their fellow African brothers and sisters.

Xenophobia! Xenophobia!
I feel naked and insecure if I think about Xenophobia.
Yesterday we were crying about the slave drivers.
Yesterday we were crying about slavery.
Yesterday we were crying about colonialism
Yesterday we were crying about neo-colonialism

But today we have turned against each other. We are fighting Africans versus Africans. This is great tragedy in African History The world is watching. We are at the centre stage. We are always in the mass media for the wrong reasons. The world is saying "Look at the fools they sing about a United Africa
but they don’t practise it".

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