Friday, July 30, 2010


I move around the yard in my home
and I come across so many ants that
are invading my space without my
permission. I fight back by
spraying them with any kind of
pesticide but I cannot win the
battle. The more I spray is the
more they increase. Then I feel
something like a soft finger
touching my brain as if giving me
a warning.

I sit down to scrutinize the work
of these invaders I have decided to
call foreigners. By focussing on
the path where they move I notice
that it is only few of them who
steal the load that has been left
by another one who opted for the
greener pastures. Many of them work
very hard taking the load from the
scratch and carry it into the hole.

I shake my head as I think about the
disaster I have been trying to achieve
using pesticides. I take another look
at the ants as I marvel at their
perseverance and hard work. Today I
have learnt a lesson from the ants, my
foreigners that, really, perseverance
is the mother of success.

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